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Burger Seasoning

Product description

Welcome to the world of gourmet burgers, where the proper seasoning can elevate a simple dish into a culinary masterpiece. At Smash Seasonings, we understand this better than anyone. That’s why our Burger Seasoning is meticulously crafted, focusing on a unique and health-conscious flavor profile that includes low sodium, Worcestershire, umami, chipotle, and a hint of celery salt.

Understanding the Burger Seasoning Flavor Profile

  • Low Sodium: Our commitment to low sodium is about offering flavor without the health risks associated with high salt intake. It’s all about enhancing the natural taste of the burger without overpowering it.
  • Worcestershire Sauce: This key ingredient brings a complex, tangy depth to our seasoning, mingling sweet, sour, and spicy notes that complement the meat.
  • Umami Flavor: Often described as the fifth taste, umami adds a savory richness that deepens the overall flavor profile of your burger, making each bite more satisfying.
  • Chipotle: We’ve included chipotle for its smoky warmth, adding a subtle kick that awakens the palate.
  • Celery Salt: A touch of celery salt rounds out the seasoning with its earthy, slightly salty taste, offering a hint of freshness.

The Science of Blending Spices
Creating the perfect burger seasoning is a delicate balancing act. It involves understanding how individual spices interact and complement each other. Our team spent countless hours in the kitchen, experimenting with various combinations until we found the perfect balance that defines the Smash Seasonings’ Burger Seasoning.

Tips for Using Smash Burger Seasoning in Your Backyard Cooking

Whether you’re firing up the grill, smoking some brisket, or cooking on a griddle, Smash Seasonings’ Burger Seasoning is your go-to for enhancing the flavor of your burgers. Here’s how to use it effectively for each cooking method:

  • On the Grill: For those who love the classic grilled burger, our seasoning adds an extra layer of flavor. After forming your burger patties, lightly sprinkle the seasoning on each side. The heat of the grill will help the spices meld into the meat, creating a delicious crust and enhancing the natural flavors of the beef.
  • On the Griddle: Can you say SMASH BURGERS!. For those who prefer cooking on a flat top, our seasoning works wonders here too. Sprinkle the seasoning on the burgers as they cook on the griddle. This method is great for achieving an even, caramelized crust, with our seasoning adding a tasty complexity to each bite.
  • In the Smoker: If you’re a fan of smoked burgers, our seasoning can add a delightful twist. Apply the seasoning generously to each patty before smoking. The low and slow cooking process will allow the smoky chipotle and savory Worcestershire notes to infuse deeply into the meat, complementing the natural smokiness of the cooking method.

Remember, our seasoning is versatile and can be adjusted to your taste. For those who love a stronger flavor, feel free to be generous with the seasoning. If you prefer a subtler taste, a light sprinkle will do. The key is to experiment and find what works best for you and your family.

Culinary Applications Beyond Burgers
Our Burger Seasoning isn’t just for burgers. It’s a versatile mix that works wonders on grilled vegetables, as a rub for different meats, or even to sprinkle over popcorn for a savory treat.

Enjoy your backyard cooking sessions with the added flavor of Smash Seasonings’ Burger Seasoning, and let the good times roll with every delicious bite!

Ingredients: Garlic, onion, spices, pepper, dried chiles, sugar, vinegar, salt, celery, lime, natural flavors, mustard, tomato powder, maltodextrin, dried mushrooms, miso powder (soybean, rice, salt),  chicken flavor.

Product Reviews

  1. Bob Jenema

    I love using Smash burger season. I use it on burgers and in meatloaf along with Great Garlic.

  2. JZ (verified owner)

    Anyone who has a flat top will love this seasoning. Lots of flavor with a minimal amount of salt.

  3. Helen F

    My son in law made burgers on the grill with this. Best burgers ever!

  4. BC

    This burger seasoning will take your meal to another level. Once you try it, you will never look for another seasoning again!

  5. Sunny

    Love the Smash! It’s good on pretty much any meat.

  6. Jeff P

    Great seasoning for any way you cook your burgers. Only seasoning I use now.

  7. jack smith

    tried many spices in my life but this one will always be in my pantry

  8. Marty Z

    Smashburger is a fantastic seasoning, this is definitely one you need in your collection!

  9. Patrick Bishop

    Smash…. what can I say I love it
    I use it mostly on my salmon and steelhead when grilling …brings out a great taste

  10. Bonnie P. (verified owner)

  11. Jennifer M. (verified owner)

    By far the best seasoning for meats. We can’t be without it since we have tried it!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. Linda Clymer (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, this Burger seasoning Plus some theater popcorn salt Help make the best chili I ever made. Everyone raved about it. I will use in on more things. That’s why I ordered more. love love love these seasonings.

  14. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    We picked this up on our travels in a little shop in Frankenmuth. Once we used it, I had to have more.
    It’s absolutely amazing

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